Chunzhu Chen

Master of science
Chunzhu Chen
in B3

University of Bonn

    Nussallee 8
53115 Bonn
    Phone:   +49 (0)228-73 3531

CRC 806 - Project Affiliation:

Project B3
Environmental Response on Climate Impact in the Levant during the Last Glacial and Holocene and their Role in the Origin of Agriculture

Project Z3
Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)

Scientific Interests:

  • Palynology and Paleovegetation
  • Quaternary environmental change
  • Hominin dispersal

Ph.D. Research Topic:

Dead Sea Pollen Reveal Paleoenvironment of the Southern Levant during 147-89 ka from Paleobotanical Perspective

Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Litt


Since 2013: Ph.D. student at the Steinmann-Institute for Geology, Minerology and Palaeontology, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn.

2013: M.Sc. in Physical Geography, Lanzhou University

M.Sc. thesis: Vegetation and climate history inferred from an alpine lake in the central Tienshan Mountains since 8.5 ka BP

2008: B.Ec. in Economy, Zhejiang University of Technology

Field Work:

  • 2014 Nov: Excursion in Israel
  • 2010 Sep: Field work in the Tienshan Mountains, China


Since 2013 Sep: Research assistant within CRC 806/project B3, University of Bonn

2011-2012: Student research assistant within “Comparative study on Holocene paleoenvrionmental records from alpine lakes and lowland lakes in arid China: take the Tienshan Mountains as an example”, Lanzhou University

2010-2013: Student research assistant within “Climate change and human response and accommodation to arid and semi-arid China since the Last Glacial Maximum”, Zhengtang Guo, National Basic Research Program of China ("973" Program), Lanzhou University


Miebach, A., Chen, C.Z., Schwab, M.J., Stein, M., Litt, T. (2017): Vegetation and climate during the Last Glacial high stand (ca. 28–22 ka BP) of the Sea of Galilee, northern Israel. Quaternary Science Reviews, 156: 47-56.

Huang, X.Z., Chen, C.Z., Jia, W.N., An, C.B., Zhou, A.F., Zhang, J.W., Jing, M., Xia, D.S., Chen, F.H., Grimm, E. (2015): Vegetation and climate history reconstructed from an alpine lake in central Tienshan Mountains since 8.5 ka. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 432: 36-48.

Chen, C.Z., Huang, X.Z., Peng, W., Zhao, W.W., Zhao, J.J., Chen, X.M. Preliminary study on sporopollen of the small Yourdusi Basin on the southern slope of Tianshan Mountains. Journal of Glaciology and Geocryology. 2012, 34 (6): 1526-1534. (in Chinese)

Huang, X.Z., Chen, X.M., Chen, C.Z., Ma, Y.L., Zhou, G. Surface pollen assemblage characters of farmland from different altitudes in upper and middle reaches of the Heihe river, arid north-western China. Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural Sciences). 2011, 47 (2): 14-23. (in Chinese)

Zhang, X.J., Jin,.L.Y., Chen, C.Z., Guan, D.S., Li, M.Z. Interannual and interdecadal variations in the north Atlantic oscillation spatial shift. Chinese Science Bulletin. 2011, 56(24): 2621-2627.

Conference papers:

Chen, C., Litt, T. (2017): Dead Sea pollen reveal last interglacial environment of the southern Levant from Paleobotanical perspective (Poster). PAGES Open Science Meeting. Zaragoza, Spain.

Chen, C., Litt, T. (2016): Preliminary taphonomic investigation of pollen in Dead Sea sediments (Talk). International Workshop on Plant Taphonomy. Bonn, Germany.

Chen, C., Litt, T. (2015): Vegetation and climate of the southern Levant during the last Interglacial (PICO). European Geosciences Union General Assembly. Vienna, Austria.

Chen, C., Miebach, A., Litt, T. (2015): Wet Glacials and dry Interglacials in the southern Levant? Preliminary evidence from pollen analyses (Poster). IODP/ICDP colloquium 2015. Bonn, Germany.



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