Out of Africa – Late Pleistocene Rock Shelter Stratigraphies and Palaeoenvironments in Northeastern Africa

Olaf Bubenzer
Bubenzer, Olaf
in A1, Z2
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Karin Kindermann
Kindermann, Karin
in A1
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Jürgen Richter
Richter, Jürgen
in A1, B1, Z1, Z3
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E-mail: j.richter@uni-koeln.de
Ralf Vogelsang
Vogelsang, Ralf
in A1
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Felix Henselowsky
Henselowsky, Felix
in A1
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E-mail: felix.henselowsky@uni-koeln.de
Dorothee Lammerich-Long
Lammerich-Long, Dorothee
in A1, Z1
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E-mail: d.lammerich-long@uni-koeln.de
Florian Steininger
Steininger, Florian
in A1
  Phone: +49(0)221-470 5859
E-mail: florian.steininger@uni-koeln.de


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