Environmental Response on Climate Impact in the Levant during the Last Glacial and Holocene and their Role in the Origin of Agriculture

Andreas Hense
Hense, Andreas
in B3
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E-mail: ahense@uni-bonn.de
Thomas Litt
Litt, Thomas
in B3
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Michael Staubwasser
Staubwasser, Michael
in B2, B3, F1, F4
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E-mail: m.staubwasser@uni-koeln.de
Andrea Miebach
Miebach, Andrea
in B3, B4
  Phone: +49 (0)228 73 3531
E-mail: a.miebach@uni-bonn.de
Hannah Vossel
Vossel, Hannah
in B3
  Phone: +49 (0)228-73 5695
E-mail: hvossel@uni-bonn.de


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