This year's joint IODP/ICDP colloquium took place at the University of Bonn from 2nd to 4th March. Several CRC 806 members presented their projects and research results in the form of talks and posters. The poster "Wet Glacials and Dry Interglacials in the Southern Levant? Preliminary Evidence from Pollen Analyses" from B3 project even won the first poster prize. On behalf of the six committee members, Prof. Dr. Oliver Friedrich (University of Heidelberg) explained the strengths of the poster, and Prof. Dr. Roland Oberhänsli (University of Potsdam, ICDP Germany) handed over the delicious prize.

During the following GESEP School, young scientists including some CRC 806 doctoral candidates had the opportunity to learn more about scientific drilling and required pre-drilling activities.

ICDP Poster Award FOTO lhk 250px
Chunzhu Chen and Andrea Miebach in front of their prize awarded poster.


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