The 21st of November, María de Andrés-Herrero, PhD candidate in the C1 project, was invited as guest-speaker to participate in the Seminar of Prehistory developed at the University of the Basque Country within the framework of the “Master in Quaternary. Environmental change and human ecological footprint”. Her talk, given at the Letters Faculty in the city of Vitoria, was focused on mobility and territoriality of hunter-gatherer groups in the Iberian Peninsula by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She explained the methodos she is using for her PhD research concerning site catchment analysis, least cost paths and ecological niche modelling. She had also the opportunity to meet experienced researchers who gave her valuable feedbacks for her job.



C1 Andres Herrero Fig 1 lhk 2016 11 250px
Main entrance to the Letters Faculty in Vitoria.
Photo: María de Andrés-Herrero
  C1 Andres Herrero Fig 2 lhk 2016 11 250pxMaría de Andrés-Herrero, during her talk.
Photo: Alvaro Arrizabalaga






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