Late Quaternary High-Resolution Climate Archives in the Sahara

Principal Investigators: S. Kröpelin, B. Tezkan, M. Melles

Since the occurrence of the Earth's first hominids in Northern Chad about 7 Ma ago, and particularly during the Late Quaternary, the Sahara has been the inevitable passageway for any migration between tropical Africa and Europe. The continuous varve-like sub bottom sediments of Lake Yoa, Ounianga Kebir (Northeast Chad), represent North Africa's most detailed climate archive. By extending the data set that exists for the middle and late Holocene to the early Holocene and possibly to the late Pleistocene at up to sub annual resolution, and conducting supplementary studies in the Western Sahara and Wadi Shati (central Libya), project A2 will attempt to compile a supra-regional standard for the Sahara and thus provide the palaeoclimatic framework for the archaeological projects in Africa.

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