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In order to identify older wadi terraces and tectonic displacements in the surroundings of Sodmein Cave/Egypt, several DGPS measurements and laserscans (Dirk Hoffmeister, project Z2) were conducted in the cavity and the adjacent wadi.

Further, geoscientific methods, including sediment analyses of stratified samples (grain size, Corg, carbonates pH, conductivity), dating (TL, OSL, 14C), laserscanning and microscope analyses, have been undertaken. Preliminary results suggest environmental changes in so-called layer D (62,5 ± 5 ka BP, OSL-dating Alexandra Hilgers, project F2).

About 11 km northwest of Sodmein Cave, in the same limestone ridge of Djebel Duwi, another cave – referred to as Saqia – was also subject of our geoarchaeological investigations. First U/Th-datings (Augusto Mangini, University of Heidelberg) made on a speleothem sampled in spring 2012 have provided remarkable results. Three growth rate periods could be identified which reveal an apparently humid climate for the periods between 81 to 87 ka, 94 to 107 ka, and between 117 to 122 ka. Investigations will be continued in future field trips.

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A1-Kindermann Fig-1-lhk 250px
Dirk Hoffmeister in front of Sodmein Cave preparing the laserscanner for the next operation.
Photo: Karin Kindermann
  A1-Kindermann Fig-2-lhk 250px Mathias Ritter documenting travertine in Saqia Cave.
Photo: Olaf Bubenzer



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