During this year's short field campaign, one day was dedicated to revisiting the site of Taybeh 3 near the small village of Taybet Zaman in the greater Petra region.

The site was excavated in 2010 and underwent extensive analysis in a recently completed master thesis at the University of Cologne, describing the lithic material and the technological organisation of the unearthed assemblage in detail. Our short visit aimed at evaluating the site's condition and its potential for future research at a broader scale, embedding the functional characteristics of the site into the greater cultural landscape at the transition from the Late Upper Palaeolithic to the Early Epipalaeolithic. A first small-scale survey of the immediate surroundings of the site confirmed the high potential for such a research design.

B1 Hussain-4 250px
Well preserved sediment cone at Taybeh rockshelter containing late Pleistocene sediment and late Upper Palaeolithic artefacts.
Photo: Shumon T. Hussain




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