The 7th loess seminar LOESSFEST held in memory of one of the greatest loess researchers, namely Georg J. Kukla, took place from 8–15 September in Poland.

The international conference was placed in Wroclaw from 8–9 September, while the following six days were reserved for the fieldtrip to loess area in south Poland. Beside many important international members of the Quaternary terrestrial and loess research communities, two CRC members, Christian Zeeden and Igor Obreht, from the RWTH Aachen University attended this conference. We presented first results from the second phase of the CRC 806, and talked about integrating age information from different localities for stratigraphic marker beds and the unique sedimentological conditions in the southwest Banat region in Romania.

After the successful and fruitful conference, discussions continued on the fieldtrip. We were introduced to loess exposures in south Poland and were familiarized with traces of different paleoenvironmental conditions in these special loess sections. Beside the loess-paleosol sequences, we also felt the culture and natural beauties of this land. After nine inspiring days we were happy to be back in Aachen to sum up all impressions.

B1 Obreht Fig 1 lhk 250px Kukla LOESSFEST '14 – 7th Loess Seminar. Group photo in front of the Institute of Geography and Regional Development, University of Wroclaw.
B1 Obreht Fig 2 lhk 250px
Discussion in front of the Tyszowce section.
Photo: Slobodan Marković



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