As the first phase of the B2 Project comes to an end, the B2 members presented their findings concerning climate oscillations during the Last Glacial in SW Balkans at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

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More than 20,000 participants – including students and leading scientists alike – met from all over the world and communicated the latest advances in Earth and space research.

The environmental history of the ancient Lakes Prespa and Ohrid were presented to a wide audience on the opening day of the conference. The two posters attracted the interest of several researchers dealing with climate change in the Balkans and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. One of the main objectives of these presentations was to increase awareness of the ongoing research within the CRC 806 'Our Way to Europe' among the members of the international scientific community.

The palaeoclimate record of Lake Prespa has the potential to serve as a new reference site in the Eastern Mediterranean and neighbouring regions. The high-resolution multi-proxy analysis of lake sediments from this mid-altitude site provided the longest continuous palaeoenvironmental record in the Balkans (outside Greece) to date.

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Session break at a lobby of the Moscone West Convention center. Watch out for the tree trunk!
Photo: Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos



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