On December 9th 2015, a conference regarding paleovolcanology and late Pleistocene paleoenvironmental changes at Ciomadul (Carpatho-Pannonian Region) was held in Budapest, organized and hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The conference commenced with a series of talks, concerning the latest results and interpretations from a geological and volcanological point of view, chronology issues and dating techniques. At the second part of the conference, the main focus was weighted on the results of studies based in biological proxies of the region (Lake St . Ana, Mohos peat bog), such as pollen, diatoms and chironomids.
Maria Papadopoulou, a PhD student from the B2 Project of CRC 806, participated in this event presenting “Syn- and post-eruptive vegetation changes based on the Mohos pollen record and quantitative vegetation/pollen relationship in the Ciomadul area”.

This meeting gave the participants, who are working in the Ciomadul massif, the chance to interact with each other, exchange ideas and plan the next steps for a comprehensive research.



B2 Papadopoulou Fig 1 lhk 250px 2015 12Inside the crater of Sag Hill volcano in western Hungary.
Photo: Maria Papadopoulou




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