Around 200 scientists with main interest in pollen analysis from all over Europe came together in the June of 2016 in Aix en Provence, France. Their aim was to present and discuss their results related to modern and fossil pollen assemblages, through an extended poster session, during the EPD Meeting.

In this meeting, Maria Papadopoulou, a member of the B2 Project of CRC 806, had the chance to present her first results on the vegetation history of the Carpathian region, based on the pollen diagram of Mohos peat bog.

Also, the participants had the chance to attend different workshops, including statistical analysis and usage of new software. Additionally, long discussions took place, regarding the future and improvement of the European Pollen Database.



B2 Papadopoulou Fig 1 lhk 2016 06 250pxDiscussion regarding the future of the EPD.
Photo: Maria Papadopoulou
  B2 Papadopoulou Fig 2 lhk 2016 06 250px
City image of Aix en Provence.
Photo: Maria Papadopoulou




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