During a preliminary analysis of the diatom succession in the sediment sequence of Lake Kinneret (recovered in 2010), large populations of an unknown Cyclotella species were often recorded as abundant in assemblages dominated by the classic Cyclotella ocellata type. As the unknown taxon could not be identified based on the currently available literature, Hannah Vossel started with detailed light and scanning electron microscopy observations under the supervision of Prof. Bart Van de Vijver during a two week research stay in his laboratory in the Botanical Garden Meise in Belgium. With the help of an international team of well-known diatom scientists (Dr. Jane M. Reed, Dr. Aleksandra Cvetkoska, Dr. Václav Houk and Prof. Dr. Bart Van de Vijver), we finally described the unknown diatom taxon as Cyclotella paleo-ocellata sp. nov. and discussed its morphology and separation from other taxa within the Cyclotella ocellata complex. The first delimitation of its ecological preferences was also discussed.

For further information, please check our publication, which is available online:


B3 Vossel 1 Fig 1 lhk 250pxFig. 1 Light microscopy observation and discussion with Prof. Dr. Bart van de Vijver.
Photo: Myriam de Haan

  B3 Vossel 1 Fig 2 lhk 250pxFig. 2 SEM picture of Cyclotella paleo-ocellata sp. nov.
Photo: BartVan de Vijver





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