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Project B4 - completed in 2013

Climatic Evolution of the Marmara Region during the past 50,000 years

Research Programme

The Marmara region (Western Turkey) is expected to have been one of the principal key areas in the transcontinental dispersal of modern humans from the Near East to the Balkans. Two prominent time-slices are of particular interest in this area, firstly concerning the primary dispersal of modern humans and the emergence of upper Palaeolithic adaptation (50,000-30,000 a BP) and secondly dealing with the reestablishment of human habitats after the second glacial maximum and the dispersal of Neolithic economy (15,000-7,000 a BP).

This project is targeted on reconstructing the climatic and environmental history of the Marmara region since 50 ka. For this purpose, first long sediment cores will be recovered from Lake Iznik. According to pilot studies, their sedimentological, geochemical, and biological (pollen, ostracods) composition will reflect the climatic and environmental development with a high sensitivity, thus promising to enhance the understanding of environmental controlling factors for human migration from Anatolia to the Balkan Peninsula.

1st Phase - Research Programme
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ProjectProject B4
completed in 2013

(1st Phase)


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Martin Melles
Prof. Dr. Thomas Litt



Dr. Sven Oliver Franz
Dr. Finn Viehberg


PhD Candidate:

Patricia Angelika Roeser

Water samples, plankton catch and sediment cores

Water samples, plankton catch and sediment cores

In April 2011, during the fourth fieldwork campaign at Lake Iznik (east of the Marmara Sea/Turkey) surface sediment was sampled an...

Workshop, Whiting Event, and Wiggle Matching

Workshop, Whiting Event, and Wiggle Matching

Following the earlier conclusion of fieldwork, the beginning of December 2011, also saw the completion of analytical work from the...


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