Fieldwork in Spain in March 2012 saw the drilling of more than 100 metres of sediment cores from small lakes and lagunas in southern Spain by vibra-coring.

Our investigations, undertaken in collaboration with our Spanish colleagues, focussed on lakes located in close proximity to the cave sites Cueva Ardales and Sima Las Palomas.

According to our preliminary results, the salt lake Laguna de Fuente de Piedra (Province of Malaga) shows some very good potential for palaeoenvironmental studies in this working area. First analyses have included magnetic susceptibility and geochemical measurements by XRF-scanning of several short drill cores (in sum 40 m for Laguna de Fuente de Piedra). Further geochemical analyses and dating, especially for age control, are currently under investigation.




C1 Hoebig-Fig-1-lhk 250px
(A) Salt lake Laguna de Fuente de Piedra looking east (red arrow) with drilling locations (red dots: on-shore vibra-coring with sampling tubes; yellow dots: coring in PVC-liner, green dot: off-shore platform drilling); (B) Platform for off-shore drilling, and (C) on-shore vibra-coring with the sampling liner equipment; (D) shows a 7 m long sedimentary sequence taken at the southern shore of the lake in sampling liner (from top [left] to bottom [right]).
Photos: Nicole Höbig



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