From 20th until 23rd of January, some members of C1 project, together with Dr. Andreas Pastoors (Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann), went to Spain with the main objective of preparing the next archaeological season in Ardales Cave and Sima de las Palomas de Teba.

Our team was also excited about the possibility of visiting Galerías Altas, a part of Ardales Cave that is not open to tourists because of its exceptional preservation of prehistoric features and rock art. Guided by the Spanish colleagues Pedro Cantalejo and José Ramos, we visited Galerías Altas with special suits to avoid its contamination and with climbing equipment because the access to the upper part of the cave is really complicated (we had to climb up 17 metres in a pothole). Beside it being an archaeological site with evidence of rock art, Ardales Cave is well-known for its finds of portable and fixed prehistoric lamps. We had the opportunity to see some of them to evaluate the possibility of taking samples in the future to determine if they contain charcoal or other fuel residues.

During our stay in Ardales, we also visited the area where Sima de las Palomas de Teba is located – a site with evidences of Neanderthal occupations. We enjoyed the Andalusian landscape which is full of prehistoric records. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Gerd-Christian Weniger and Prof. Dr. José Ramos presented their book "Sima de las Palomas de Teba 2011–2014. Intervenciones Arqueológicas" in the city council of Teba showing to the public a nice overview of the results of the recent archaeological campaigns.


C1 Andres Herrero u Bolin Fig 1 lhk 250px
The team in front of the entrance of Ardales Cave. From left to right: Pedro Cantalejo, Lidia Cabello, Martin Kehl, María de Andrés-Herrero, Andreas Pastoors, Gerd-Ch. Weniger, José Ramos, Manuel Becerra and Serafín Becerra.
Photo: Viviane Bolin



C1 Andres Herrero u Bolin Fig 2 lhk 250px
Climbing up to Galerías Altas (Ardales Cave).
Photo: Viviane Bolin
  C1 Andres Herrero u Bolin Fig 3 lhk 250pxVisit to the Sima de las Palomas de Teba.
Photo: Viviane Bolin



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