From November 24th to December 2nd in 2015, part of the C1-team carried out a second campaign in the Palaeolithic cave Ardales in Malaga (Spain). The objective for this short campaign was to document a very well preserved cave profile in another part of the cave and, hopefully, find conclusive material for the chronology of archaeological layers.

End of this March, the conference of the Hugo Obermaier Society took place at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (Hungary). Next to a variety of talks about East European Palaeolithic research, we visited some interesting Middle Palaeolithic sites, e.g. Vértesszölös and Tata (both ancient hot springs in context with travertine terraces that were used by Neanderthals as small campsites), Jankovich Cave and two important quaternary loess profiles of the region at Paks.



C1 Bolin Fig 1 lhk 2016 04 250px
Excavation at Ardales Cave (Spain).
Photo: Viviane Bolin
  C1 Bolin Fig 2 lhk 2016 04 250pxJankovich Cave, Bajót (Hungary).
Photo: Viviane Bolin




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