In September 2015, Alessandro Potì and Jörg Linstädter (both from project C2) travelled to London to attend the 5th ESHE meeting (European Society for the Study of Human Evolution), organized in the amazing atmosphere of the British Museum. During the three days of conference they had the opportunity to meet other colleagues working on the Late Pleistocene of Northwest Africa and present some results of the on-going analyses of the project. The congress was followed by the visit of the very famous Palaeolithic site of Swanscombe (County of Kent) and of Down House, the former home of the English naturalist Charles Darwin.

Few weeks later, Alessandro Potì continued to Barcelona to meet Spanish colleague Juan Francisco Gibaja Bao, specialist in lithic use-wear analysis and partner of project C2. Two days were spent together at the Institución Milá y Fontanals (IMF) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, selecting archaeological finds from the Upper Palaeolithic site of Ifri El Baroud (NE Morocco) for specific ”traceological analyses” that will identify their functions in detail.



C2 Poti Fig 1 lhk 250pxExternal view of Down House.
Photo: Alessandro Potì
  C2 Poti Fig 2 lhk 250px
Lithic artefacts selected for use-wear analysis.
Photo: Alessandro Potì





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