In November 2015, Melanie Bartz, Alessandro Potì and Martin Kehl of the C2 project attended the 8th conference of Quaternary researchers in the Maghreb region. The conference took place in Nador, located in NE Morocco between 10th and 12th November, 2015 including two days of poster and oral presentations as well as one day of field trip to the famous settlement site of Ifri n’Ammar. During these three days, more than 50 scientists from different countries (e.g. Morocco, Germany, France) met, discussing topics of geological and archaeological themes. This event was an exceptional occasion where the community came together, including both established academics and young researchers.

In the end of the RQM8 meeting, the organising committee arranged the above mentioned field trip with focus on the archaeology of the prehistoric rock shelter Ifri n’Ammar. Dr. Abdeslam Mikdad presented in detail the history of modern humans in the rock shelter, which dates back to around 170 ka. Furthermore, the sediment profiles of Wadi Selloum, which is located in direct vicinity of Ifri n’Ammar, revealed insights into the dynamics of past landscapes during the time of ancient human occupation.



C2 Bartz Fig 1 lhk 250px 2015 12The prehistoric rock shelter Ifri n’Ammar. View to the south.
Photo: Melanie Bartz (2014)
  C2 Bartz Fig 2 lhk 250px 2015 12
Wadi Selloum and its alluvial plain. View to the southeast.
Photo: Melanie Bartz (2015)






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