Population Dynamics: Demographic Changes of Hunter-Gatherer Populations during the Upper Pleistocene and Early Holocene in Europe

Principal Investigators: A. Zimmermann

The project investigates the demography of Upper Pleistocene and early Holocene hunter-gatherer populations. A bottom-up approach is developed to upscale up data obtained from key sites and regions to macro-scale areas defined by cultural context, the results being controlled by ecological and ethnographic parameters. Spatial as well as diachronic comparisons are used to identify sources, trajectories and sinks of migratory events through demographic changes on a continental scale in time periods defined as major themes of the CRC. The combined investigation of man-environment interactions on different spatial scales enables the discussion of push-factors and pull-factors of migratory events.


1st Phase - Research Programme
  2nd Phase - Research Progrramme
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1st Phase - Poster presented at international Congresses & Workshops
  2nd Phase - Poster presented at international Congresses & Workshops
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