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Publications - Project F1

Project completed in 2013

asterisk (*):

  • Clare, L. (2013): Culture Change and Continuity in the Eastern Mediterranean during Rapid Climate Change: Assessing the Vulnerability of Neolithic Communities to a Little Ice Age in the Seventh Millennium calBC. University of Cologne

ProjectProject F1
completed in 2013

(1st Phase)


Principal Investigators:

Dr. Bernhard Weninger
Prof. Dr. Martin Melles
Prof. Dr. Michael Staubwasser


PhD Candidate:

Lee Clare

Rubble layers at Neolithic sites in southern Jorda...

Rubble layers at Neolithic sites in southern Jordan

In the course of fieldwork undertaken at several Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic (LPPNB/PPNC) and early Pottery Neolithic (PN) sites in...


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