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Project Z1

Central Administration and Coordination

Principal Investigators: J. Richter, W. Schuck

The proposed CRC will have an organisation that allows effective and transparent management for both scientific programmes and administrative/financial problems. The administrative core of Z will be a coordinator with a multilingual secretary and a pool of non-academic staff (e.g. web-master and student’s assistants). This administrative unit will work closely with the speaker and his/her deputy, elected by the assembly of all project-leaders (senior fellows) for four years.

Speaker / Deputy Speaker
The speaker and his/her deputy speakers will perform the following duties:

  • representation of the proposed CRC in all academic matters
  • coordination of research activities
  • organisation of meetings, conferences, including the internal meetings of projectleaders


The main administrative position will be held by the chief-coordinator, backed by a secretary and non-academic staff. Based at the University of Cologne, the coordinator will be assigned to the speaker/deputy and receive his/her instructions from them. The coordinator will generally be in charge of all non-academic affairs of the proposed project e.g.:

  • managing finances
  • managing personnel
  • liaising with various administrative units at all three participating universities - Cologne, Bonn, and Aachen
  • liaising with the administrative unit of the DFG and the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia (Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology)
  • organising the internal meetings of the project-leaders (on a quarterly basis)
  • organising the meetings of the plenum of all participants of the projects (academic and non-academic staff) (on a half-a-year-basis)
  • organising the proposals and reports on the 4-year-cycles to the DFG

The project-leaders (senior fellows) will meet at least three times (beginning, middle and end of) each semester, to discuss and solve any problems arising within the framework of single projects, clusters or the project in total. Members of this committee are two elected representatives of the students, graduates and postdoctoral fellows.


Speaker / Deputy Speaker / Coordinator


  • Project-leaders
  • Representatives of Postdoc/Graduates
  • Representatives of Students


  • Financial management
  • Personal management
  • Liaison with various administrative
  • units (Universities of Cologne, Bonn,
  • and Aachen), DFG, Ministry of Innovation,
    Science, Research and Technology)


  • All participating academics and non-academics




Second CRC 806 Workshop held in Rösrath

Second CRC 806 Workshop held in Rösrath

From 10th to 12th February 2011, the Second Annual Workshop of SFB 806 - “Our Way to Europe” was held in Rösrath near Cologne.

Information and Strategy Meeting "Quaternary...

Information and Strategy Meeting "Quaternary Research and Human Evolution"

From the 29th November to the 1st December, the SFB 806 held an information and strategy meeting on the topic of "Quaternary Resea...

CRC 806 at AGU Fall Meeting 2015

CRC 806 at AGU Fall Meeting 2015

During the 48th AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting, the major Earth and space science meeting in the world held in San...

CRC 806 at DFG’s “Research in Germany” Booth / AGU...

CRC 806 at DFG’s “Research in Germany” Booth / AGU Fall Meeting 2016, San Francisco

With about 25,000 participants, the annual convention of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco is the world’s larg...

CRC 806 at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017, New Orleans

CRC 806 at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017, New Orleans

The traditional venue undergoing renovations, the American Geophysical Union held its annual Fall Meeting for the first time in it...


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