The development of the first version of the CRC 806 Database webportal is on the home stretch. A first internal launch of the webportal will shortly be upon us.

Basic functionality, such as user management, upload and download of data, a data catalogue and a WebGIS interface, is already implemented. At the moment, we are in the process of fixing and finding bugs and developing the content of the webportal for the internal launch.

The second path of development within the CRC 806 Database, the integration of archaeological, palaeoenvironmental and geoarchaeological datasets for integrated analysis and visualization, is also well advanced: c. 23,000 archaeological, c. 10,000 palaeoenvironmental and c. 500 geoarchaeological records and datasets are already integrated into the CRC 806 Database. Many more datasets and records are on our list for integration. This comprehensive integrated database will facilitate the research within the CRC 806 in many ways.


Screenshot of the CRC 806 Database WebGIS interface.


CRC 806 - Database

The CRC806-Database is the central data infrastructure of the Collaborative Research Centre 806 (CRC806).

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According to the German Research Foundation (DFG) proposals for safeguarding good scientific practise (DFG 1998), the CRC806 endeavours to provide a sustainable long-term data archive for the project data. The project is planned for an overall period of twelve years, and is subdivided into three four-year project terms which are underlying an evaluation at the end of each term. According to the demand of the DFG, to provide access to research results at least 10 years after the end of the project, the CRC has to make sure to be able to provide access to the data for up to 22 years.


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