How to use comparison as a method in geography classes?

Project Z4 is focused on how we can bring the CRC-806 findings and results to schools and to pupils. More precisely, the focus is on the ways comparison is used as a scientific and argumentative method in school practices in geography classes.

Indeed, it’s not only about knowledge: it’s also about how you acquire it and how you reflect on it. Comparison is an everyday practice: we compare all the time and we compare everything. But how to do it in a reflected way and use it as a reliable method in the classroom?

To better approach these topics, the first part of the 3rd Phase of the CRC-806 was dedicated to analysing how comparison is widely used in different fields and to develop a model to implement comparison as a tool in geography classes.

The results of this first analysis is now published and available here:

Wilcke, Holger und Budke, Alexandra (2019): Comparison as a Method for Geography Education. In: Education sciences, 9 (3) 225.



Text: Marine Simon
Marine Simon is a PhD-candidate in the Z4-project. She is interested in Geography Education and Migration Studies.



Blogeintrag ElenaHensel EGU2019 lhk 350pxMethod of comparison step by step.
Figure: Wilcke and Budke, 2019



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