CRC 806 Finissage - Virtual Exhibition: Chew Bahir

slider Chew Bahir

We  kindly invite you to our “virtual exhibition”, starting Sept., 23rd 2021 at 10.30 am CEST. If you follow the link shown above, you will virtually land on the dried-out lake floor of Chew Bahir in southern Ethiopia. With only a mouse click you will enter in a 3D-art show about this location, which was drilled in the framework of our CRC and the “Hominin Sites and Paleolake Drilling Project” (HSPDP). Don’t forget to put your sound on.

Please follow the link:

The show was prepared by Julian Ruddock and the Domingos-team, an artist working together with our scientific cooperation partner at University Aberystwyth, Wales, trying to bring together science and art….we hope you will be inspired!

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