Christian Wegener

Master of Science, Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere
Christian Wegener
in E6

University of Cologne
Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology

    Pohligstr. 3
50969 Cologne
    Phone:   +49 (0)221-470 6487

CRC 806 - Project Affiliation:

Project E6

Palaeoclimate and Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions Using a Computational Regional Environmental Modelling System and Statistic Methods

Project E3

Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) Member

Scientific Background:

B.Sc. Geophysics and Meteorology
M.Sc. Physics of the Atmosphere

Ph.D. Research Topic:

Working Title: Human Existence Potential and Mobility Model
Supervisor: Prof Dr. Yaping Shao

The aim is to create a new human mobility model framework based on climate data for the prehistoric modern human. This framework will use a broad spectrum of data such as climate reconstructions or simulations, topography, vegetation reconstructions, and archaeological excavation findings to formulate a Human Existence Potential. This potential will indicate regions of preferable living conditions, as well as unsuitable zones for prolonged survival. Based on this potential, a mobility model utilizing advection and diffusion can be created to simulate human population densities which adjust to the potential. The goal is to utilize this framework for regional and continental scales of human movement and simulate climate-induced migrations, as well as other applications that may be realized by adjustments and additions within the framework.

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