Palaeoclimate and Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions Using a Computational Regional Environmental Modelling System

International Conference on the Solturean

The Solutrean, a cultural phase of the Last Glacial Maximum in Europe, constitutes a focus of interdisciplinary research within several projects of the CRC 806. For example, impacts of the decisive climatic changes are modelled (project E6), demographic densities and dynamics estimated (project E1) and human cultural and economic responses to local and regional conditions investigated (project C1). The outstanding western European archaeological and palaeoclimatic evidence of the Solutrean provides insights into these processes. To discuss them, the 3rd International Conference on the Solutrean 2017, was organised in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Algarve, Portugal.

From 12th to 14th of October, around 70 researchers from several countries met in Faro and discussed current and future research on the subject. To this end, 50 presentations and posters provided interesting insights into ongoing research. This year’s excursion headed to the important Upper Palaeolithic site of Vale Boi. The organisation committee (João Cascalheira/University of Algarve, Portugal; Isabell Schmidt/CRC 806, E1 – University of Cologne, Germany; Nuno Bicho/University of Algarve, Portugal; Gerd-Christian Weniger/CRC 806, C1 – Neanderthal Museum, Germany) expect to publish the contributions on the Solutrean in due time.

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E1 E6 C1 Isabell Schmidt Fig 1 lhk 2017 10 400px
Participants of the Solutrean Conference 2017 in Faro/Portugal.
Photo: unknown

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