Lucas Ageby

Master Of Science
Lucas Ageby
in F2

University of Cologne
Institute of Geography

50932 Cologne
    Phone:   +49 (0)221-470 76256

Affiliation within CRC 806 - Our Way to Europe

Project F2 - Application of Luminescence Dating Techniques in Geoarchaeological Studies

PIs: Helmut Brückner, Dominik Brill

Research topic for my PhD studies

Methodological development of luminescence dating of buried and exposed rock surfaces through investigations of Palaeolithic sites from Northern Africa and the Mediterranean

Supervisors: Nicole Klasen, Dominik Brill & Helmut Brückner

Research interests

Geochronology, OSL-dating & rock surface dating

My research is about the application of rock surface OSL-dating in archaeological settings. Burial dating of rocks can be applied in settings where the dating of organic material or sediment etc. is not possible. Also, by measuring the OSL intensity with depth, it is possible to scan for rocks for which the OSL-signal was sufficiently bleached prior to burial. This is very valuable in settings where sediment exposure to daylight might be insufficient and the resulting residual OSl-signals cause overestimations for the corresponding ages. Additionally, rock surface OSL-dating can be applied to exposed rock surfaces. The OSL-intensity with depth depends on the light flux at the rock surface and light attenuation into the rock. These parameters can be used to calculate how long a surface has been exposed to daylight.


2018 - PhD candidate/Research assistant, Institute of Geography, University of Cologne

2014 - 2017 Master student, Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

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